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My purpose for this site was to supply information that I have spent years copying out of Gottscheer records. I wanted to help others find their links with the past. I also wanted the site to connect living relatives with others.

I have birth, marriage, death, and familienbuch information from Pollandl, Tschermoschnitz, Nesselthal, and a small amount of information from other parishes.

My Mother in law: Aurelia Koenig Droese was born in Guttenburg#12, Pollandl. She has a very good memory of growing up there and enjoys all the connections and links I have made to the family.

If you need help on your family tree, or share your link to Gottschee with us, please e-mail or leave a message on this site. This is a free service. I never charge anything but I do ask that you join the GHGA. We need a strong membership to continue the traditions.