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Ebental Parish Pictures

Thank you-Ridy Hoegler Skyrme of Kukendorf 
for allowing me to add these pictures to my site.
Also for these colorful comments.

The villages of Tiefental, Setsch, and Kukendorf, along with Ebental, formed the Ebental Parish, where the school and the main church were located. 

The story of the school photo is interesting to me on several counts: the teacher is Fritz Hoegler, a relative; (he eventually started the Gottscheer Gedenkstaette in Graz); my aunt Sofie(Sofie Mausser Eppich)is in the top row in the dark sweater.  She still lives in Kitchener. 

The photograph shows the children on a memorable school trip to the City of Gottschee about 1921.
They apparently had horses and a long wagon for transportation - no school buses at that time yet..... also, the railway had just been extended to Mitterdorf, so on the way back from the City they all got on the train and rode to Mitterdorf - the first train ride ever for all the kids, and after the 10-minute ride, they got off in Mitterdorf, where their horse-and-wagon-driver picked them up again and took them home. 

My aunt's eyes still sparkle when she talks about that adventure 75+ years ago. 


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